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Exhibition : Human and the Bee

Within our garden, here you can observe the wonderful world of bees, thanks to an enthusiast bee keeper our museum aim was to increase our visitors' knowledge of bees, and the special bond that they have shared with people throughout history

... from honey hunter, human become beekeeper ...

To ensure that you have a smooth and pleasant visit we divided the visit into three parts

L'homme à travers les âges

Man and the bee throughout the ages

In the first part of the tour, we will guide you through the history of beekeeping. At first, Man had to do to woodland habitats to gather honey. This then evolued into beekeepings with fixed frames (e.g. inside hollow trees), and then onto the more modern and versatile beehives were changed completely : developing from the manual crushing of honeycombs, to a more efficient mechanical extraction process

les Abeilles

A bee's life

Tthe second part aims to illustrate the mesmerizing world of bees (observing bees in and around the hive with the help of pictures and videos). You will see queen lay her eggs, the active bees at work, and the more specific role of the drones (male bees). We also think it's important to compare and contrast bees to other hymenopteran insects ( A highly specialised order of similar insects, including humble bees, wasps and hormets) durring the tour.

L'homme à travers les âges

Honey tasting

The final section of the tour shows the diversity of our natural products, but also the range of those that are man-made : honey-based gingerbroad biscuits, waffles, the nectar of the Gods, honey vinegar and cosmetic products such as creams, soaps and shampoos. In order to sample this diversion, we invite you to take part in our honey tasting sessions

Beehives throughout the ages

(scroll throughout our beehives the with gemme right above)

Kind of visitor :

We adapt the visit to :

• Age of our public :
Children (from 3 years old), teenagers, adults and senior citizen.

• But also to the group size :
One person up to large-size group

Kind of visit :

To fill your needs we organized different kind of visits

• Visit without guide :
The entrance of the museum is totally free

• Visit with a guide* :
A beekeeper will make you discover the three steps of the exposition (the visit can take half an hour up to 2 hours, it's up to you). More than that, you will have a snack (waffle and apple juice) right after the honeys tasting.
For more informations, price list and reservation/booking (for groups), call us.

*Only on reservation/booking with minimum of people, for price list, call us.