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Our Events: Invitations of the Abeillau.

Every years, we organized, inside the exploitation, few events: middle of june, Honey Party, middle of december, Christmas Open days

Honey Party

For this event we open the exhibition but also the backyard, and we open the possibility of participating to activities

Visit of the Exhibition

Story line of the visit
A 20 mn visit every 30 mn

Old Games

We make available to all fifteenth old games
(Top table, Dutch Billard, Shove ha'penny, Skittles, Croquarde etc...)

A country-style walk

You can take a walk, quietly around the beds of flowers all over the backyard,
You will stop around the kitchen garden and you will be able to see a beehive with honey bees.

Coming soon: Restaurant and Refreshment stand

In a shaded place, you can refresh yourself and eat different honey-based products

Christmas Open Days

For this event we offer to our faithful costumers a lot of great discounts (For the winter's beginning).
With this Christmas atmosphere (Different themes each years) we give you a hot drink with biscuit.

Traditional Christmas A Smile with an  autumnal Christmas By the fireplace White Christmas A Green and Red Christmas Trip in a White Christmas